Carrier Selection and Rate Management

A rate engine is the cornerstone of an efficient TMS and freight audit and payment system.


The freight rating process can be quite a challenge having to maintain numerous customer rate tables, a myriad of accessorial charges, fuel surcharges, etc. SaaS simplifies the process by providing a user-friendly table driven user interface for managing and updating carrier rates. Our rate engine uses a business rules methodology to manage unique rating scenarios, which eliminates the need for IT resources to have to write code to handle one off exceptions.

In addition, the rating process can be managed using application program interfaces (API’s) where rates are ‘pulled’ directly from the carrier’s website. This is a differentiating feature of SaaS because many providers only provide one or the other, not both.
SaaS has the ability to configure the rating process based on the specific requirements of each customer. Our API rating is fully integrated with over seventy-five carriers and that includes all of the major LTL carriers. Our customers especially like this process because it fast tracks the carrier onboarding process by eliminating much of the time associated with traditional contract rate management.

Carrier Selection

  • Least cost carrier
  • Transit times
  • Origin/destination carrier terminal information
  • Quote and ship function
  • Freight quoting
  • Store carrier quote number

Rate Management Overview

  • Manage contracts and rates for multiple modes (Parcel, LTL, Truckload, Air, etc.)
  • Easily add accessorial charges and line-haul amounts
  • Set up rates for customers using
    • Parent /Child mapping
    • Rate copy/ profile mapping
    • Multi-tier client
    • Use buy/sell rates, uplift rates, and customer facing rates
    • Use customer profiles to enable uplifts, management fees, and gain share models
    • Maintain unique customer accessorial and fuel charges vs. carrier contract
  • LTL Rates
    • Carrier Rate Web Service
      • All major LTL carriers API Integration
    • SMC Com
      • SMC RatewareXL
      • SMC tariff rate
      • Carrier Connect COM
      • Carrier ConnectXL
    • Middlewest Com
      • Carrier specific or customized tariff rates
    • Cost per hundred rate
    • Pallet and pieces rate
    • Multi class rate
  • Truck Load Rate
    • PC Miler web service
    • Mile Maker
  • Zone Rate
    • Zone upload
    • Zone definition
    • Quick entry
    • UPS, FedEx and DHL
    • Customer specific rates
    • Published rate access
    • Zone level discount

More than 150+ satisfied customer worldwide

  • “Thank you for all you have done for me in growing our 3PL business. You really were invaluable to me and I would have never been able to get off the ground without your help!!”

    Jerry McConnell Owner

  • “I appreciate working with you and your team. I don’t feel like I am a number and because you have us as a customer you are on to other things. In fact, I think we ask a lot and you give us a lot and happy to be a reference at any time. Enjoy working with you!”

    Jim Bramlett General Manager LTL

  • “You and your team have been great partners in helping us expand our 3PL services.”

    Bob Bettencourt, AMAC Logistics

  • “I wanted to reach out to you letting you know how much we appreciate you and your crew for taking complete care of our software conversion/upgrade onto our dedicated server over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The new release offers many new options that help to make our processes work timelessly.

    During the upgrade, our customers never missed a beat while using our system and we thank you guys for making it a seamless transition for us.”

    Kevin A. Epperson Vice President Schiffman Financial

  • “First off, I want to tell you how much SaaS has made my life easier. We are finally out on the streets showing it to new customers, and before I could even get back to the office, the new customer emailed me and asked me to send the password as soon as they were set up”

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Rutledge Majestic Transportation

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