API Technology is still a hot topic at SMCᵌ Jump Start conference

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At the recent SMCᵌ Jump Start conference in Atlanta, SaaS President & CEO Ken Pehanick, was a presenter for the “API Revolution” breakout session.  This was one of the most attended sessions that delved into the differences between EDI and API (application programming interface) technology.

API’s are increasingly being viewed as replacements for EDI especially in the 3PL industry.  While many large shippers still rely on EDI, API’s are increasingly being embraced as a replacement technology for a number of reasons.

Great strides have been made in API technology in recent years and a number of best practices and business cases were made for using API’s as a replacement for EDI.  Some of the key takeaways from the breakout session are outlined below.

The value proposition for using API’s includes:

  • Generate revenue – 30%
  • Enable affiliates – 21%
  • Engage external developers – 19%
  • Enable partners – 18%
  • Agility – 7%
  • Drive innovation – 3%
  • Enable applications – 1%

Mulesoft Connectivity Benchmark Report – The Enterprise’s Connected Future: API’s on the Rise, July 2015   0

Before designing a good API you should ask the following question.

  • Who are we designing it for
  • What are we designing
  • What are the constraints
  • What resources will be required

The key design factors of an API include the following.

  • Functionality – Keep the user in mind.
  • Usability – Does it do what the user wants
  • Experience – Keep the developers in mind and the data exchange methodology
  • KISS – Keep it simple and make access easy for users

SaaS Transportation has invested heavily in API technology and it’s one of the cornerstones of a good transportation management system (TMS).


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