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SaaS Transportation provides leading edge technology software solutions to the transportation industry.

SaaS offers software APIs to link shippers and 3PLs directly to carrier online services. Using SaaS API technology can quickly and easily access tracking information and proof-of-delivery as well as extract correct, updated rates and quotes.

API stands for Application Program Interface, software that enables different applications to exchange information. SaaS APIs created for individual carriers are then available to any SaaS customer who uses that carrier. The API pulls data from a carrier site through the customer’s account using the users log-on and password.

With an API, shippers and 3PLs can enjoy virtually all of a carrier’s online services without leaving the SaaS web portal. SaaS API reaches across the Internet from the transportation document on a screen directly to the always-current rates on the carrier’s own web site. SaaS APIs relieve shippers and 3PLs from having to update rates in their own systems each time a carrier makes a change and sends out an update.

API’s enable SaaS users to query multiple carriers to determine least-cost-routing. Results display within seconds. That’s far more efficient than going to each site manually or paying a rate agency for what may be less-accurate rates. Using APIs, a SaaS customer extracts correct rates and quotes (with the carriers quote number), figures that can populate the appropriate information fields in a transportation document.

“It’s amazing, when combined with automated billing by the carrier to the 3PL and from the 3PL to its customers. It automates yet another piece of the transportation work cycle,” said SaaS CEO Ken Pehanick. “It’s especially helpful with high cost delivery areas and other hard to manage accessorial charges. You eliminate under quoting errors while always applying the latest appropriate charges.”

Pehanick pointed out that APIs show carriers the percentage of business they are winning (or not winning) from the ongoing record of quotes provided vs. shipments booked. Without APIs a carrier may not be aware of business it is missing out on. That knowledge can encourage a carrier to offer more competitive rates to coax more business from a particular SaaS 3PL.

“API’s make working with carriers quicker, easier, and better for both sides of a transaction,” Pehanick said.

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  • “I wanted to reach out to you letting you know how much we appreciate you and your crew for taking complete care of our software conversion/upgrade onto our dedicated server over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The new release offers many new options that help to make our processes work timelessly.

    During the upgrade, our customers never missed a beat while using our system and we thank you guys for making it a seamless transition for us.”

    Kevin A. Epperson Vice President Schiffman Financial

  • “I appreciate working with you and your team. I don’t feel like I am a number and because you have us as a customer you are on to other things. In fact, I think we ask a lot and you give us a lot and happy to be a reference at any time. Enjoy working with you!”

    Jim Bramlett General Manager LTL

  • “Thank you for all you have done for me in growing our 3PL business. You really were invaluable to me and I would have never been able to get off the ground without your help!!”

    Jerry McConnell Owner

  • “First off, I want to tell you how much SaaS has made my life easier. We are finally out on the streets showing it to new customers, and before I could even get back to the office, the new customer emailed me and asked me to send the password as soon as they were set up”

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Rutledge Majestic Transportation

  • “You and your team have been great partners in helping us expand our 3PL services.”

    Bob Bettencourt, AMAC Logistics

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