SMC³ Hosted Technology Solutions

SaaS Transportation provides leading edge technology software solutions to the transportation industry.

High-Quality, Real-Time:

The SMC3 hosted technology solution provides accurate and timely LTL carrier rates, points of service and transit times. It is service oriented architecture (SOA) accessible via a web service application programming interface (API) that easily integrates into any platform you choose, assuring you make your best LTL procurement decisions in real time.

Security, Connectivity & Availability:

Located on the web backbone, redundant SMC3 application stacks support a secure hosted technology solution with multiple layers of data and network redundancy and security via a SAS 70 Type II audited, Tier 3 carrier. Your business is up and running with the carrier data you need when you need it—and all the security you need for peace of mind.

Physical Security:

Three data centers incorporate multi-layer security including 24×7 closed-circuit video, alarm monitoring, emergency power, redundant HVAC and advanced fire suppression systems.

Network Security:

SMC3 deploys a traditional web application security schema: web servers hosted in a DMZ with application servers deployed behind firewalls, with intrusion detection appliances from Juniper for the detection, segregation, and notification of suspected malicious network traffic.

Application Servers:

State-of-the-art, multi-core blade servers are centrally administered and racked in enclosures with dual power supplies. Each application server has the most current image of each of the XL applications, so any server can be dynamically repurposed to host a different application via a simple configuration file change. This flexibility eliminates the need to load application software and then reboot a server; it also allows SMC3 to transparently reallocate application capacity based on your needs in a matter of minutes—not hours—virtually guaranteeing accessibility.

Network Connectivity:

Dual 100 Mb/sec connections to the Internet backbone provided by different access service providers (ASPs) ensure 99.999% availability. SMC3 employs an optimized multi-path (primary, secondary and tertiary) connectivity strategy between locations using 100 Mb/ sec networking connections to effectively route your traffic. Load balancing between sites relies on a combination of hardware and internally developed software to maximize our applications’ performance. Network monitoring is performed both internally and externally with automated tools. Inbound network traffic is monitored 7x24x365 via our DNS provider.

Storage Area Network (SAN):

You’ll benefit from SMC3’s significant investment in SAN technology, which enables us to install and configure new servers in 30 minutes or less, replicate large amounts of data as needed, and create tapes for offsite storage, so necessary storage maintenance can be performed without impacting your application performance.

Authentication Control:

SMC3’s XL family of applications uses a multi-tier security schema (application access, application page access, and application database records and fields). Access to applications and services use 128 bit SSL (HTTPS) encryption. Each web service request requires a security token consisting of a user ID, password, and software key. User applications require a user ID and password and are restricted by application, user role and page privileges, to assure you maintain total control over accessibility. Passwords are database encrypted and are unavailable to any SMC3 personnel (our role is limited to resetting passwords). Learn how you can rely on SMC3 for high-quality data, products and customer service and SMC³ Hosted Technology Solutions for the most accurate real-time LTL data on the market.

More than 150+ satisfied customer worldwide

  • “Thank you for all you have done for me in growing our 3PL business. You really were invaluable to me and I would have never been able to get off the ground without your help!!”

    Jerry McConnell Owner

  • “You and your team have been great partners in helping us expand our 3PL services.”

    Bob Bettencourt, AMAC Logistics

  • “I wanted to reach out to you letting you know how much we appreciate you and your crew for taking complete care of our software conversion/upgrade onto our dedicated server over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The new release offers many new options that help to make our processes work timelessly.

    During the upgrade, our customers never missed a beat while using our system and we thank you guys for making it a seamless transition for us.”

    Kevin A. Epperson Vice President Schiffman Financial

  • “First off, I want to tell you how much SaaS has made my life easier. We are finally out on the streets showing it to new customers, and before I could even get back to the office, the new customer emailed me and asked me to send the password as soon as they were set up”

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Rutledge Majestic Transportation

  • “I appreciate working with you and your team. I don’t feel like I am a number and because you have us as a customer you are on to other things. In fact, I think we ask a lot and you give us a lot and happy to be a reference at any time. Enjoy working with you!”

    Jim Bramlett General Manager LTL

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