Data Integration Technology – API’s or EDI?

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Ken Pehanick, SaaS Transportation President & CEO and Tom Heine, Aljex Software CEO will speak at SMC3’s Jump Start conference on the pro’s and con’s of API’s and EDI.

With the evolution of data integration technology, there are a growing number of options to share and manage data in the supply chain. The evolution from manual paper based processes to new technology solutions has significantly reduced the cycle time for managing data accuracy.

EDI is still the primary technology that is used today in managing data flow from a variety of partners. However, Application programming interface (API’s) technology is quickly emerging as the future for the exchange of data.

If you are trying to determine the appropriate platform to exchange data within your supply chain this is a session at the conference you don’t want to miss.  It will be held in Atlanta, GA at the Loews Hotel January 23-25, 2017.

SMC3 Jump Start Conference



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