SaaS customer uses TMS to deliver customized LTL solution

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SaaS provides highly customized TMS solutions using system integration and leading-edge API technology.  There are many TMS applications on the market today, but not all of them meet the requirements for some third party logistics companies.  Many 3PL’s are looking for a best-of-breed TMS that integrates multiple systems.

SaaS is one the few providers who is willing to work with their customers to develop a TMS solution customized to their specifications.  Once developed, customers have the option of buying the application and hosting it on their own server or they can continue to use the SaaS cloud-based application and pay a monthly fee.

Redwood Logistics specializes in providing unique solutions in the 3PL industry and the LTL solution provided by SaaS was the perfect fit.  Read the case study where Redwood Logistics designed a customized solution for one of their customers using the SaaS TMS.

SaaS integrates with Redwood Logistics

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